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 Ekantor.pl Team finished second in Speeeway Best Pairs round in Rzeszów. The result is that Tomasz Walczak's team is still in the first for podium in Speeeway Best Pairs general classifcation.

 Ekantor.pl Team, with Patryk Dudek ane Grzegorz Zengota in line-up, showed a lot of better form in Rzeszów than in Toruń. The team lost only 2 races, but including the most important – fnal. Equal Duzers and Zengi's form resulted in Tomasz Walczak not trying to make any substitution and giving a chance for Piotr Protasiewicz.

- We feel some lack after losing in final. Fogo Power manager chose start gates first, so it wasn’t a surprise that se took better ones. My riders made really good performance today, so I decide to riee without Piotr Protasiewicz. Substitution in the middle of competition don’t any sense, because se would be lost on the track. That’s why we decided, that Zenii ane Duzers will fnish tournament together – said Tomasz Walczak, Ekantor.pl Team manager.

Also Grzgorz Zengota was pretty happy after second Speeeway Best Pairs Round. For him, it’s important to ride with his league teammates – Patryk Dudek and Piotr Protasiewicz. In that way, it’s easiest for him to make as many points as in Rzeszów. Furthermore, in second SBP round, Zengota scored points in every race.

- Comparee with competition in Toruń, se made a progress. Maybe we can do better in fnal, but we save to be happy with that what we save. Now we’ll come to Landshut, where we’ll try to make a surprise ane fight for the win. I think that starts with Patryk and Piotr in Ekantor.pl Team will help us to make fantastic atmosphere in Zielona Góra – said Grzegorz Zengota

End of the Speedway Best Pairs series

Poland, Australia, Denmark and Fogo Power times three - these are the teams, which won the respective editions of Speedway Best Pairs series. After six seasons, path of one of the most interesting speedway projects is over.

Grzegorz Zengota: We cooled ourselves down

 After very good and efective ride in third Speedway Best Pairs round, which took place in Lanshut, Ekantor.pl team fnished second in cycle's general classifcation.

Madsen: You shouldn't listen to experts

To everyone's surprise, the Trans MF Pro Race Team took third place in the general classification of the Speedway Best Pairs 2018. A huge credit goes to to Leon Madsen, who was one of the best riders during this year's rivalry of the sponsor teams.

Jarosław Hampel: „Despite of our squad, everybody in the team did great work”

 Fogo Power riders were unstoppable this year. In Landshut they won third competition in Speedway Best Pairs cycle this year, which gave them third Speedway Best Pairs title in history. Also, the best rider this year was Jarosław Hampel, who scored the most points.

Fogo Power won in Landshut!

 Fogo Power was the best in last Speedway Best Pairs round in Landshut. Another places on podium were taken by Ekantor.pl Team and Trans MF Pro Race Team.

It’s time for Speedway Best Pairs grand final

 On Thursday in Landshut, Germany, Speedway Best Pairs grand final will take place. Fogo Power is the leader of general classifcaaon. Behind them, three teams are fighting for remaining two places on the podium.

SBP 2018 Final Round: Landshut (10.05)
Speedway Best Pairs - Rzeszów (20.04)
Speedway Best Pairs - Toruń (25.03)
Lets Make Speedway Gala 2018
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