Changed Fogo Power reveal their cards!

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 Winners of two previous editions of Speedway Best Pairs - Fogo Power, reveal their cards before upcoming edition of the sponsor teams' rivalry. Team led by Adam Goliński have changed, comparing to the last season.

 Fogo Power attempt this year's edition with a different roster. After one-year break, Emil Sayfutdinov is going back to the team and along with Piotr Pawlicki and Jarosław Hampel (who'll have his debut in this tournament) will fight for the ultimate win.

- We're really happy with the fact that it'll be our third year in a row starting in the Speedway Best Pairs. It's a great joy for us - Adam Goliński, manager of FOGO power. - We have some changes in our roster. Emil Sayfutdinov, who started in our team in 2016 is back in the roster. Plus, we have a new face - Jarosław Hampel, whom we would like welcome onboard. Third rider of Fogo Power - Piotr Pawlicki has been a strong point of our team since two years. I think that these riders need no introduction to the speedway fans and I am sure that our team will contribute strongly to create big shows at the SBP 2018 tracks.

Fogo Power have a clear goal before upcoming season - Once again, we're about to take it all and what comes with it - head for the third triumph in a row. - We want to win it and defend the title for the second time. Third win in a row in Speedway Best Pairs would be something huge for us. That's our goal - manager added. - We do realize, however, that repeating these results will be extremely hard, because this year's line up is even more equal than before. It's hard to point a clear favorite of this rivalry.

In two years, six rounds of Speedway Best Pairs were held and statistics speak for themselves - Fogo Power won 4 of these 6 rounds. Since this season, though, formula has changed, and Goliński's team will have no safe margin of mistake during any of rounds.

- This year, formula of the tournament was slightly modified, thanks to which, it will become more dynamic and even more transparent. What's more, line up is really equal, which will also bring more attractiveness to this tournament. Therefore, we just can't wait for the inauguration in Toruń - Goliński ended.

Tickets for the first round of Speedway Best Pairs in Toruń (24.03.2018) are in sales now. You can buy them via, Empik, Media Markt and Saturn stores all over the country.

Meeting starts at 5.30 PM CET.

Ticket prices:
Blue zone
Normal ticket - 35 PLN
Reduced-fare ticket - 10 PLN

Green zone
Normal ticket - 20 PLN
Reduced-fare ticket - 10 PLN

Main stand - 100 PLN
VIP ticket - 650 PLN

Race program - 10 PLN

Children under 12 y.o. (born in 2005 and younger) - 1 PLN (available to be purchased with a normal ticket). Children under 7 y.o. - free entrance (with no seat).
Reduced-fare ticket dedicated to: women, children (13 to 18 y.o. - born in 2000 and younger), students (with valid student ID), pensioners and retirees.

Grzegorz Zengota: We cooled ourselves down

 After very good and efective ride in third Speedway Best Pairs round, which took place in Lanshut, team fnished second in cycle's general classifcation.

Madsen: You shouldn't listen to experts

To everyone's surprise, the Trans MF Pro Race Team took third place in the general classification of the Speedway Best Pairs 2018. A huge credit goes to to Leon Madsen, who was one of the best riders during this year's rivalry of the sponsor teams.

Jarosław Hampel: „Despite of our squad, everybody in the team did great work”

 Fogo Power riders were unstoppable this year. In Landshut they won third competition in Speedway Best Pairs cycle this year, which gave them third Speedway Best Pairs title in history. Also, the best rider this year was Jarosław Hampel, who scored the most points.

Fogo Power won in Landshut!

 Fogo Power was the best in last Speedway Best Pairs round in Landshut. Another places on podium were taken by Team and Trans MF Pro Race Team.

It’s time for Speedway Best Pairs grand final

 On Thursday in Landshut, Germany, Speedway Best Pairs grand final will take place. Fogo Power is the leader of general classifcaaon. Behind them, three teams are fighting for remaining two places on the podium.

Krzysztof Cegielski: „Fogo Power victories are not as easy as it looks”

 On Thursday, at 13:00 in Landshut, Germany, third and last Speedway Best Pairs 2018 round will take place. We talked about our tournament with Krzysztof Cegielski, who is watching Speedway Best Pairs from bikes' parking.

SBP 2018 Final Round: Landshut (10.05)
Speedway Best Pairs - Rzeszów (20.04)
Speedway Best Pairs - Toruń (25.03)
Lets Make Speedway Gala 2018
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