Artem Laguta: Track was prepared nicely

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 Artem Laguta performed in only one round of this year's Speedway Best Pairs series. During the meeting in Gniezno, Russian rider was Nice Racing's leader. Laguta got 11 points plus bonus. Six points were added by Antonio Lindbaeck and one by Krzysztof Kasprzak.

 Nice Racing were able to advance to the race-off heat. There, Artem Laguta had a great start, but later on, he had to accept opponents' superiority. Antonio Lindbaeck did not manage to win win Zmarzlik-Pawlicki duo as well. That made Fogo Power promoting to the final heat and Nice Racing's riders took the third position.

- Speedway Best Pairs meetings are always tough, everyone knows it. Only strong riders race here. Once you get your heat good and in the next one, it's getting worse. I regret this race-off heat, where I won the start, but afterwards, everyone passed me on the distance. Generally, it's great, though. I'm happy with this meeting - Artem Laguta said.

Russian rider did not feel dissatisfied with their lack of advance to the final of SBP 3rd round. Nice Racing could've joined this fight for the top position if Antonio Lindbaeck would have had been going with his top form. Meanwhile, Swede had a tough beginning and started to catch the rhythym after the halfway point.

- It was a good meeting for us, no need to complain. Third position is a really good result. I'm satisfied with it - younger of Laguta brothers summed up.

Some fans were disappointed with a low intensity of emotions during this final round. Riders, however, did not have any complaints when it comes to surface. Russian even admitted that it was kind of one, letting riders to pass on the distance.

- You could actually fight here a lot. Track was prepared nicely, it was great to race on, so I think that both fans and riders should be satisfied. There was some water, maybe sometimes even too much. Five heats were taken after track's grading and we felt it.

This season, has been incredibly good for 26 y.o. rider from Russian. He's been impressing with his form in league matches and other meetings. In PGE Ekstraliga, Russian rider has a great heat average - 2,236 points per heat. Currently, he's third in the classification of top scoring riders in Polish Ekstraliga.

- I'm really satisfied with my racing this year. I want to keep it going this way and it all should be fine - Laguta ended.

Toruń and Landshut hosting Speedway Best Pairs 2018

 On March 24th, 2018 in Toruń, this year's Speedway Best Pairs series will be inaugurated in Toruń and on May 10th we'll meet the new winner of sponsor teams' rivalry. Date and venue of the second round, will be announced in upcoming weeks.

Woryna saved the Boll Team

Kacper Woryna was Boll Team's hero during the final round of Speedway Best Pairs, which took place in Gniezno. Weakened team had a task to defend their second position overall and thanks to a great disposition of ROW Rybnik's junior, everything went according to the plan.

Dalewski: Fogo curse continues

Boll Team had a great season this year, which they ended ranked in the 2nd position overall in Speedway Best Pairs 2017. Because of some unfortunate odds, securing this position on podium has to be treated as a big success.

Woffinden showed class

Thanks to their win in the final round of the world's best sponsor teams, Monster Energy Speedway Team grabbed the third position in the overall classification of Speedway Best Pairs 2017. Huge credit goes to Tai Woffinden, who was simply phenomenal in Gniezno.

Holder: We had tough series this year

 Thanks to their win in the final round of Speedway Best Pairs 2017, Monster Energy Speedway Team jumped on the podium of this year's series. Chris Holder is the only Monster's rider, who appeared in all three rounds of the cycle.

Kacper Woryna: There's a long and tough road ahead of me

 On August 17th, Kacper Woryna had his debut in Speedway Best Pairs. Representative of the Boll Team got 12 points with bonus and was a real leader of his team. His partner, Mirosław Jabłoński got twice less points than Woryna - only 6.

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