Boll Team did their minimum

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 Mirosław Jabłoński, Kacper Woryna and Gleb Chugunov had represented Boll Team in Speedway Best Pairs final round in Gniezno. The team build in the „last minute” did their minimum by defending second place in general clasification.

 Boll Team management decided to make a little mix of experience and youth. The most experienced rider was Mirosław Jabłoński. Start Gniezno pupil didn’t hide that debut in his hometown was stressful.

- I had a lot of stress before the meeting. I rode like on square in the first hear. I don’t want to lie, I was concerned by a lot of things connected with the final, like pressure for example. It’s a huge show, and you have to get used to it. You cannot come there like you were just practicing - you are required to make sure that everything is going to be right. You need to ride in that part of tournaments to learn how to prepare yourself better – said Jabłoński after competition.

Rider, starting in GTM Start Gniezno, scored 6 points in 5 races. He won one heat, too, beating Leon Madsen, Martin Smolinski and his teammate Kacper Woryna.

- I judge my start as 4-. I'd done one nice race, that one which I won. After that I was last two times. There’s nothing to hide, the best riders and track corrupted by the weather – that wasn’t a bad competition for me. I know what do I have to choose to find my form – added Boll Team rider.

Also Gleb Chugunov, the youngest rider in SPB, was glad after the tournament. Russian took part in just one race and finished last, but he kept smiling throughout the whole evening.

- Speedway Best Pairs is a pretty nice tournament. I had an occasion to be there with the best riders in the world and feel how it is from the inside. Unfortunately I couldn’t ride my best, because I'm still feeling effects of my fall in Divisov – said Chugunov. - I’m glad with Boll Team result. Although we were contracted in the last moment, we did the minimum and defend second place in GC – added Russian.

The team atmosphere and tournament organisation were praised by Mirosław Jabłoński, too, who was riding against riders from the top.

- We lost with favourites, the best riders. You can see how fast bikes you have to have to fight with them. Atmosphere in our team was more than epic. We’re happy that we did the minimum – said Start Gniezno pupil.

- If organizers will maintain that level and tournament will be organized in such a fashion like it is organized now, everything will be similar to Formula 1. In the grand final we saw a lot of good speedway – finished Jabłoński.

Toruń and Landshut hosting Speedway Best Pairs 2018

 On March 24th, 2018 in Toruń, this year's Speedway Best Pairs series will be inaugurated in Toruń and on May 10th we'll meet the new winner of sponsor teams' rivalry. Date and venue of the second round, will be announced in upcoming weeks.

Woryna saved the Boll Team

Kacper Woryna was Boll Team's hero during the final round of Speedway Best Pairs, which took place in Gniezno. Weakened team had a task to defend their second position overall and thanks to a great disposition of ROW Rybnik's junior, everything went according to the plan.

Dalewski: Fogo curse continues

Boll Team had a great season this year, which they ended ranked in the 2nd position overall in Speedway Best Pairs 2017. Because of some unfortunate odds, securing this position on podium has to be treated as a big success.

Woffinden showed class

Thanks to their win in the final round of the world's best sponsor teams, Monster Energy Speedway Team grabbed the third position in the overall classification of Speedway Best Pairs 2017. Huge credit goes to Tai Woffinden, who was simply phenomenal in Gniezno.

Holder: We had tough series this year

 Thanks to their win in the final round of Speedway Best Pairs 2017, Monster Energy Speedway Team jumped on the podium of this year's series. Chris Holder is the only Monster's rider, who appeared in all three rounds of the cycle.

Kacper Woryna: There's a long and tough road ahead of me

 On August 17th, Kacper Woryna had his debut in Speedway Best Pairs. Representative of the Boll Team got 12 points with bonus and was a real leader of his team. His partner, Mirosław Jabłoński got twice less points than Woryna - only 6.

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