Within a few years the arenas of Speedway Best Pairs Cup and Speedway European Championships were visited by thousands of journalists, who with their own eyes observed the struggles of the best speedway riders in the world and Europe on cups, medals and money that could be won.

"Torun company will emerge champion of Europe for another ten years! It will also be a promoter of Individual World Championships U21."

"Just before the first round of SEC in 2015 in Torun, a press conference was held at which representatives of One Sport and FIM Europe announced a decision on the extension of the contract for organizing Speedway European Championships series. One Sport will organize the series at least until 2025!" - One could read in press reports throughout Europe.

Tournaments SEC, SBPC and Junior's World Championships is a great opportunity to get to know amazing people from all over the world, who are divided by a lot of things, but one thing they have in common - a passion for speedway!

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