Riders: Fogo Power


FOGO Ltd. is Polands leading manufacturer of power generators. Over many years the company developed a wide range of reliable, high-quality products. They are designed according to national and international norms, which are confirmed with numerous certificates. Fogo and its products are holders of many prizes and distinctions.

 Like Monster Energy Speedway Team, Fogo Power is in the cycle from the beggining. They are also the most effective in Speedway Best Pairs history. Adam Goliński’s team made 4 tournament victories and 2 cycle triumphs. In previous seasons, Fogo Power has been represented by Bartosz Zmarzlik, Piotr Pawlicki, Przemysław Pawlicki, Emil Sayfutdinov and Tobiasz Musielak.

Agregaty FOGO Sp. z o.o.

ul. Święciechowska 36, Wilkowice,
64-115 Święciechowa
tel. +48 65 534 11 80
fax +48 65 534 11 81
e.mail: agregaty@fogo.pl