Grigorij Laguta's equipment issues
Temperature's rising

It's the last straight of the preparations. Only hours left till the start of the Speedway Best Pairs 2017. Lots of attractions and incredible sport emotions will be waiting for the fans, who will attend the Motoarena stadium on March 25th. 

We want to do great things

A press conference about cooperation between One Sport and DW#43 fundation took place on „Międzynarodowe Centrum Spotkań Młodzieży” event in Toruń. Volunteers dressed in purple shirts will show themselves on speedway meetings organized by One Sport Company, including SPB, SEC and Polish National Team events.

Great race program for the great inauguration

There has never been one like this! 92-page race program, all filled with texts about the speedway event. Such things are possible only with a great inauguration of the speedway season in Poland - Speedway Best Pairs, which comes on this Saturday, March 25th at 5.30 PM at Motoarena in Toruń.

Speedway Friday in Atrium Copernicus

Great inauguration of the speedway season in Poland comes tomorrow! It's on Saturday, when at Motoarena in Toruń, first round of the Speedway Best Pairs series will be held. Fans will face one of the last chances to win double invitations to this meeting and will be able to meet the starting riders in person.

European vice-champion will get his debut in the SBP

It's on this Saturday, at Motoarena in Toruń, when the big inauguration of the Speedway Best Pairs series will take place. Among others, it'll include Vaclav Milik, who'll have his debut in the cycle. Along with Szymon Woźniak and Maksym Drabik, Czech rider will represent the Eko-Dir Speedway Team.

Plenty of attractions in the fan zone

 On Saturday, March 25th at 5.30 PM CET at Motoarena in Toruń, speedway season starts with inauguration of the Speedway Best Pairs. Before the tape goes up, in the fan zone, in front of the stadium, there will be plenty of attractions waiting for all fans.

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